isaac hw joseph a nyc based actor, Model & personal development nut

Ever wonder how to become a model or actor? I will be sharing my advice for actors, acting tips, modeling tips, and insight on what it takes to become successful no matter WHAT you want to accomplish—whether it be acting or something else—and live the life of your dreams. My name is Isaac HW Joseph, and I'm a New York City based model & actor. I will be posting vlogs on my YouTube channel with a behind-the-scenes look into the daily life of being a male actor and model on a journey to fame.


My mission is to help you stay inspired and focused on your dreams by sharing my personal journey to becoming one of the greatest, realest, down-to-earth leaders of our time. I aim to lead with Truth, Love, and Strength at all times. I believe in 100% Transparency and Vulnerability. At my core I have always been a seeker of Personal Growth whether I fall short, succeed, or fail! When you stay connected with me, you can count on one thing: “YOU GON’ LEARN TODAY!” 😂When it comes to living life with intention, I’m a serial optimist with a ZERO TOLERANCE for BS. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks with a degree in Tough Love and I’m excited to share this life with you.

May 31, 2009 Glastonbury CT FOSTER CARE

May 31, 2009 Glastonbury CT FOSTER CARE

It all started when…

Isaac has been fascinated with the arts since he was young. His mother, although poor, made sure Isaac and his younger brother were involved in just about everything from painting, dancing, singing, and martial arts to sewing, cooking, and Boys-to-Men groups. He is considered by close friends to be a "Renaissance Man", and his passion for life and its experiences have brought him where he is now. Isaac has really embraced the mentality "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." His life experiences have made him the man he is today: kind, honest and hard working.



Life has not been easy for Isaac. From age 5 to 13 years old he dealt with his mom’s physical abuse every single day, and was then sent to live with various family members, eventually ending up in Foster Care.

Despite this, Isaac never felt sorry for himself—instead he focused on his dreams and fought even harder to succeed. He was finally able to gather his things and be on his own when he worked 3 jobs—one of which was on a tobacco farm picking and harvesting tobacco under the blazing summer sun from 6am to 5pm in order to save money to move to NYC and pursue his dreams to become an actor. All of that, only to encounter struggle after struggle and even winding up homeless for a year in NYC.

Anyone in their right mind would have given up but Isaac refused! Seeing so many of his classmates that were better off than he was, giving up their dreams one-by-one, Isaac was even more determined to make it.

Despite being homeless and not having enough money to eat, Isaac kept going to the gym and auditioning until things started looking up. These are now his badges of honor, and for all those who make excuses as to why they are not succeeding in life... This is not the place for you!

This is a place for the hungry. This is a place for DRIVE. This is a place for those who need a little kick in the ass, a reminder to never give in and never give up. This is a place for people who are willing to do whatever it takes to become better… A place for people who are willing to have difficult conversations. Open minded people who want to create a better world. People who want to THRIVE.

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