Exploring Polyamory

A non-traditional way to LOVE

We’re Sharon and Isaac. Isaac and Sharon. We have a growth centered relationship… Is that a thing? … Well it is now! We are two sensitive and caring souls who want to leave the world better than we found it. What is our mission? Mission statement? Isaacs tapped in. Sharon relates & communicates. The result? Accessible & practical wisdom that can be put into action. We want to give people an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. We provide nourishment. We provide conditions for growth. Accessibility to ... What? LOVE.  We are two people learning how to live more loving and fulfilling lives together. Changing the dialogue of relationships to one of self-awareness, accountability, and compassion. We're in an unconventional, "free relationship". Some call what we're practicing "polyamory". We say we're learning how to love ourselves & others. We want to share our unique way of living with the world in order to create more healthy, fulfilling relationships. We'll be doing this in a very vulnerable and + REAL way. Thank you so much for joining us, and remember, love yourself first and more love = more love!

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